August 25th, 2018

Get Ready For Sunday School!

The Springdale Board of Education and Sunday school teachers have been getting ready for the upcoming school year and it's almost here!

Rally Sunday, our kick-off the the school year, is on September 9th after the worship service.  There will be games, hot dogs, an inflatable and kids will be able to meet their teachers and see their classrooms!

The first day of Sunday school is September 16th and kids will be taught from the Spark Lectionary curriculum that follows the Bible lessons in the worship service.  New this year will be awards for attendance and kids can get credit if they bring bulletins from other churches.

Sunday School 2018-2019 Registration!

Milestones – We are going to start a Milestone Ministry program with the children of our congregation.   These are great faith formation tools.  These will be done during the worship service.  Here is the list of Milestones:

Preschool – Each child entering Preschool will receive a picture bible.

1st Grade – Each child entering 1st Grade will recite the Lord’s Prayer by memory during the worship service and will receive a prayer pillow.

3rd Grade – Each child entering 3rd grade will recite the 10 Commandments by memory during the worship service and will receive a Spark bible.

5th Grade – Each child entering 5th Grade will recite the Apostles Creed by memory and will receive a standard bible.

12th Grade – Each graduating senior will receive a quilt.

If you have a child or grandchild that is entering these grades, please let Ang Riedel know for planning purposes.